Founded on March, 1983, Way Train Bandsaw is with over three decades of experience in the production of bandsaws. We have over a hundred models and we have supplied our products to 50 developed countries, spanning across the five continents. Our products inventory includes bandsaws, automatic bandsaws, sawing machines, horizontal sawing, cutting sawing machines, cutting bandsaws, double column sawing machines, angle cutting machines and angle sawing machines. All of the products are positively recognized especially in the European and the American markets.

WAY TRAIN develops under two basic driving force: innovation and development. Since our debut, we foster our company based on responsibility, credibility, and efficiency. The cornerstones of our success are the use of professional technology, excellent service, and the innovative designs. These three have helped us establish an international marketing network. Customers’ trust has also helped WAY TRAIN become a respected brand within the industry.

There are 5 WAY TRAIN factories in operation, each dedicated to the following categories:

7" Factory Head office location. Produces 7" and 8" medium sized, semi- industrial grade, economical band saws.
9" Factory Produces medium sized industrial grade 9", 10" and 13" band saws.
5" Factory Produces 4", 5" and 6" portable band saws.
European Style Factory Producing 6", 7", 9" for the European market. Ten models in total.
Fully-automatic Factory Produces our fully auto series.