Everlasting Innovation

Our vision is to help customers successful, so that we will also be successful.
Way Train’s successful performance in the market is based on the everlasting innovation that generates the long term success. Way Train R&D knows better about the correlation between customers and the products, thus the development of the products are based on the accurate comprehension of the application. Therefore, our products bring competitiveness to our customers, and activates revolutionary to the market. We innovate, after we understand people’s need. And we listen carefully to our customers, in order to understand. This is how we build our bonds with customers all over the world.

Product Inventory

With over three decades in the production of horizontal bandsaw machines, Way Train’s bandsaw machine inventory ranges from 4’’ hand-held model to the medium-sized 7’’, 8’’, 9’’, 10’’ professional bandsaws. And there are also heavy duty bandsaws of 13’’, 16’’, 18’’, and 20’’ sizes for large steel H beam and the heavy steel mold forms. There are over 50 patents registered all over the world, which demonstrates that our innovation are widely recognized in the world market.

Our horizontal bandsaw product inventory includes manual type bandsaws, sawing machine, auto bandsaw, horizontal sawing, cutting bandsaw, cutting sawing machine, double column sawing machine, angle cutting machine and angle sawing machine.