Product Image of model WH-5046HA Sawing Machine


Round Bar, Square Bar

Applicable Materials
Plastic material, Iron & Carbon Steel, Alloy steel, Aluminum, Copper, Other materials ex. Titanium, Inconel…

  • Color touchscreen.
  • Hydraulic blade tension device.
  • Multi-language interface.
  • Full stroke hydraulic vises.
  • Vise pressure regulator. (optional)
  • Rotary encoder for accurate material feeding.
  • Motor inverter controlled variable blade speed.
  • Nesting fixture for bundle cutting. (optional)
  • Hydraulic carbide blade guide.
  • Can save 10 cutting presets.
  • Automatic chip conveyor.
  • Power driven wire brush.


The WH-5046HA sawing Machine is equipped with a color touch screen, multiple language interface, giving operators the optimal operation. The hydraulic blade tension device, motor-inverter controlled blade speed with many variables, and the hydraulic carbide blade guide make the cutting precise. The optional vise pressure regulator and the full stroke hydraulic vises are two devices that can maximize performances; and the optional nesting fixture for bundle cutting can also help cutting accuracy. The cutting presets can save 10 sets. The rotary encoder is installed for accurate material feeding. Wire brush is power-driven, and the chip conveyor is automatic.

Cutting Capacity (HxW) ● 460 mm ▬ 460 x 500 mm
Blade Size 41 x 1.3 x 5450 mm
Blade Speed 30~85 MPM
Blade Motor 7.5 HP (5.7 KW)
Hydraulic Motor 2 HP (1.5 KW)
Coolant Motor 1/4 HP (0.2 KW)
Hydraulic Tank 60 L
Coolant Tank 100 L
Bundle Cutting (WxH) 195~310 x 120~230 mm
Cut off Length Over 10 mm
Feeding Stroke 500 mm
Minimum No Material Detecting 32 mm
Minimum Residual Work Length 120 mm
Table Height 850 mm
Packing Size (LxWxH) 2735 x 2260 x 2185 mm
Machine Weight (N.W./G.W.) 3090 kg / 3485 kg
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