Round Bar, Square Bar

Applicable Materials
Plastic material, Iron & Carbon Steel, Alloy steel, Aluminum, Copper, Other materials ex. Titanium, Inconel…

  • Symbol based control panel with monitor.
  • High torque worm gear reducer.
  • Scale bar for easy cutting height setting.
  • Manual roller feeding.
  • Cutting line projector.
  • Hydraulic tension device.
  • Motor inverter speed control.
  • Hydraulic carbide blade guide.


The WH-7055SA semi automatic band saw is used for cutting metal round and square bars. Besides, there are many other competitive advantages of this model: Symbol based control panel with monitor, high torque worm gear reducer, scale bar which for easy cutting height setting, manual roller feeding, cutting line projector, hydraulic tension device, motor inverter speed control, and hydraulic carbide blade guide. All these functions enhance manufacturers’ competitiveness in the working field.

Cutting Capacity (HxW) ● 550 mm ▬ 550 x 700 mm
Blade Size 41 x 1.3 x 6280 mm
Blade Speed 15~85 m/min
Blade Motor 7.5 HP
Hydraulic Motor 2 HP
Coolant Motor 1/4 HP (0.2 KW)
Hydraulic Oil 70 L
Coolant Tank 110 L
Table Height 800 mm
Vise Minimum Clamping 0 mm
Packing Size (LxWxH) 3300 x 2260 x 2270 mm
Machine Weight (N.W./G.W.) 2750 kg / 2850 kg