Round Bar, Square Bar

Applicable Materials
Plastic material, Iron & Carbon Steel, Alloy steel, Aluminum, Copper, Other materials ex. Titanium, Inconel…

  • Linear guides are used for both saw bow and table movement.
  • Table movement for material feeding.
  • Blade tilt detection sensor with readout. (optional)
  • Vise clamping pressure regulator. (optional)
  • Hydraulic vertical press device. (optional)
  • Motor inverter controlled variable blade speed.
  • Blade speed and feeding length readout.
  • Automatic chip conveyor.
  • Double clamping vise.


The semi automatic band saw WL-1100SAT is designed for cutting round and square bars. The saw-bow movement and table movement are based on linear guides, and the double clamping vise design is set for this model, with optional vise clamping pressure regulator, operators can handle much better. The encoder-controlled table movement is for feeding movement, and the optional hydraulic vertical press device makes further precision. The model’s blade speed and feeding length readout are easy to use. The blade tilt detection sensor with readout is an optional feature to help operators ease the operation procedure. Blade speed is controlled by motor inverter as variables and the automatic chip conveyor help remove the residual.

Cutting Capacity (HxW) ● 1100 mm ▬ 1100 x 1100 mm
Blade Size 67 x 1.6 x 9800 mm
Blade Speed 20 ~ 85 (m/min)
Blade Motor 15 HP (11.2 KW)
Hydraulic Motor 5 HP (3.7 KW)
Coolant Motor 1/4 HP (0.2 KW)
Hydraulic Oil 90 L
Coolant Tank 160 L
Table Height 620 mm
Vise Minimum Clamping 300 mm
Packing Size 4500 x 2250 x 3075 mm
N.W. / G.W. 10300 Kg / 11100 Kg