H-beam, U-beam, L-beam, Round Tube, Square Tube

Applicable Materials
Plastic material, Iron & Carbon Steel, Alloy steel, Aluminum, Copper, Other materials ex. Titanium, Inconel…

  • Varlable saw bow rotation for double angle cutting (L60° R45°).
  • Hydraulic blade carblde guide pads.
  • Hydraulic blade tension control device.
  • Hydraulic chip conveyor.
  • Blade speed adjusts by motor Inverter.
  • Blade guide arm auto-moving.
  • Blade tilt 6.5°design for cutting wide work piece or H beam.
  • Notifications of malfunction diagnosing on touch screen.
  • Top Clamping (optional).


The WL-650DSA double column miter band saw can cut metal materials in H-beam, U-beam, L-beam, round and square tube. Besides, there are many exquisite blade features of the model, such the hydraulic blade carblde guide pads and the hydraulic blade tension control device. The blade speed is adjusted by motor Inverter, and the blade guide arm can slide automatically to vise clamping positions. The blade tilt 6.5°design is set for cutting wide workpieces or H beams. The varlable saw bow rotation works for double miter cutting (L60° R45°). Drive head’s angle and positioning is set by hydraulic motor and brake. Moreover, touch screen is also a very important interface of the model; operator can select cutting mode on touch screen for saw bow auto-rotate, and they can also be noticed of the malfunction diagnosis. The power drive swarf brush and conveyer, together with the optional top clamping, help the processing.

Capacity(HxW) 90° ● 650 mm ▬ 650 x 1100 mm
R 45° ● 650 mm ▬ 650 x 650 mm
L 45° ● 650 mm ▬ 650 x 650 mm
L 60° ● 650 mm ▬ 650 x 400 mm
Blade Size 54 x 1.6 x 8730 mm
Blade Speed 30~110 mpm
Blade Motor 10 HP
Hydraulic Motor 3 HP
Coolant Motor 1/4 HP
Table Height 830mm
Packing Size 4550 x 2270 x 2560 mm(WL-650DSA)
N.W. / G.W. 5200kg