Way Train bandsaw – Designed for Professional Usages

As a famous semi automatic band saw supplier in the world market, Way Train’s product inventory ranges from the largest and highly automated bandsaws, to the smallest manual workshop cutting bandsaws. The product inventory of Way Train is expanding as always and the engineering personnel works hard to make sure that all the product series are up to date, with competitive features. Way Train products are manufactured based on the CE and CSA standards and are certified with ISO9001 standard. Speaking of the ISO-9001 management protocol, Way Train has achieved a wider range of quality semi-automatic bandsaw series compared to competitors. Those standards comply with the CE safety standard.

There are critical features of Way Train bandsaws: Fast and accurate machining, quiet direct drive, variable speed motor, extra wide cutting capacity and high accuracy, flexibility and efficiency, extreme stability and rigidity, powerful easy operation, and fast material feeding.